About us

Why Lobster ?

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Decentralized finance is a relatively young ecosystem with an impressive potential, but its mass adoption comes along with tough challenges. Among these challenges, one of the biggest is undoubtably complexity.
Lately, DeFi complexity has considerably increased due to the growing competition between the services, as well as the arrival of institutional players.

As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to generate sustainable returns through DeFi, especially if you are not an institutional investor, mastering perfectly defi investment strategies.
We believe that anyone should be able to benefit from professional yield strategies, without needing to mobilize a considerable amount of knowledge or time.

This is why we created Lobster, a protocol which simplifies access to autonomous and individualized professional strategies, to generate additional returns on crypto assets. Our platform acts as a strategy manager overlaying all your favorites platforms.

We chose the Lobster to represent us, which is a rare and precious animal, symbolizing purity and prosperity. The blue lobster, even rarer, is a symbol of sustainability and abundance.

Lobster is committed to offering increasingly efficient strategies for those who wish to maximize their returns on their crypto-assets, is the most simple and accessible way.

Our Story

Our journey began several years ago, driven by a strong belief in the potential of decentralized finance as a new standard. We were sure that some bricks were missing in order to make it widely usable.

We gathered a team of passionate experts in finance and blockchain, with skills in engineering, applied mathematics, cybersecurity, and web3 development : and Lobster was born.

We all have one exciting mission: make complex DeFi investment strategies as accessible as possible. We want to innovate and develop new possibilities for our users.
Lobster is your financial partner for sustainable, transparent, and accessible investments. Join us in this exciting journey !